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We ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in our operation.

Learn about how the IntellTech Information, security policies and controls protect our clients' data.

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High standard in Information security for our clients.


IntellTech platforms are in accordance with the high international standard in Information Security. By such certifications we are able to formally assure that the policies, processes, and conduct are compliant with the global requests of Information Security.




O IntellTech cybersecurity department was designed to ensure the adoption of suitable and proportional safety controls that help to protect information according to stricter and stricter regulating requirements such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and the NIS regulations (Net Information Systems).

N In this regard, IntellTech plays a crucial role in protecting its clients' digital assets. The work performed by our IS specialists aims at mitigating risks, ensuring business continuity, and avoiding losses, whether financial or legal, thus strengthening the global security of the company and its clients. Learn more about IntellTech's certifications below.





ISO 27001 is an international standard which defines the requirements to establish, implement, maintain, and enhance an information security management system (ISMS), protecting important information  and mitigating cybersecurity risks.


ISO 27701 is an extension of ISO 27001, which focuses on the information privacy management. It establishes requirements to privacy management systems which assists organizations on dealing with data protection laws.


SOC2 Type 1 evaluates the existence and functionality of security controls of IntellTech, thus verifying if they are aligned with the criteria established by AICPA, (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).


SOC2 Type 2 is a permanent audit that evaluates the security controls of IntellTech over a given period, thus verifying the efficacy and consistence of them.

Penetration Test

The PT is a proactive evaluation that simulates cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities in IntellTech’s platforms, networks, or applications, aiming at strengthening defenses and protecting against real threats.

Vulnerability Assessment

The VA is an automated analysis of systems, network and applications that identifies and assesses security vulnerabilities, which provides a detailed vision of the potential weaknesses that might be exploited by cybernetic threats.

Benefits for on-premises clients:

Benefits for on-Cloud clients:


DGLP: Your Privacy and security is our priority.

The DGPL or General Data Protection Law, is a Brazilian legislation that establishes rules on the collection, storage, processing and sharing of personal data. Its purpose is to guarantee the privacy and security of individuals, imposing responsibilities on companies that handle this data.

To reassure you that the privacy and security of our users and clients is our priority, IntellTech provides an institutional page with the aim of making public its commitment and disposing of the measures and guidelines applicable to the security, privacy and protection of the personal data of clients, suppliers, service providers, partners, visitors and other data subjects whose data is processed by the company, establishing the rules applicable to the processing of the personal data processed, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law No. 13,709/18 ("LGPD") and other related rules and laws. IntellTech is making this service channel available to respond to any requests from data subjects.

Visit our GDPL page and keep up to date about the best data protection practices. 

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Protected data, mitigating any cyber threats or attacks against the operation.

Why is it important to talk about Information Security?

In the face of growing digitalization, accompanied by improved techniques and increasingly powerful attacks, many companies have not yet prepared for the challenges of this new digital age. 

+ More than 70%

of public organizations do not have a formally approved backup policy in Brazil.

+ 2.000

malware attacks were blocked per minute in Latin America in 2022.

+ 50%

of businesses were affected in 2022.

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